To Return the Favor

Seems strange to be posting again. I had said everything I'd wanted to say, gotten my little 15 minutes of fame and found a home. Mission accomplished. Time to move on.

But something kept telling me not to delete the blog, and now I see why. Recently I've heard some very distressing news. It seems GIHN is in trouble. They're suffering a lack of funds, and if they don't find some more soon, they could be forced to shut down. Dozens of newly-homeless families would be subjected to the fate we were six short years ago.

Well, they helped us when we needed it, so now I get to return the favor. Unfortunately, I cannot aid them financially (although I'd gladly do so), but the blog's still up. It might even still have a few people who check in on an irregular basis. So I can help get the word out. Perhaps many people can get together and help a truly deserving organization. Or maybe, just maybe, there's a big wheel whose bank account size is exceeded only by the size of their compassion and who can write GIHN a check for the full $60,000 they need to keep operating.

It's a shame that there is even a need for GIHN's services at all in a country such as ours, but as long as there are homeless families, thank God that there is a GIHN around to help them.

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