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Had to visit the storage locker yesterday to retrieve my suit for my interview. On the way, I passed under the train tracks spanning East Cone Boulevard. Once underneath, I (instinctively, I guess) looked up into the girders. Sure enough, there was a blanket or quilt of some kind. Looked like it had been used sometimes within the past few days, too.

Since I currently have no car, I do a lot of walking; I've passed under a lot of bridges, and the relatively slow pace gives me time to really scan for signs of human habitation. The evidence is not under all bridges, but it's under enough of them to give some idea of the scope of the problem. It's usually something subtle: an abandoned blanket, a cardboard box strategically placed, perhaps some old camping gear (usually an indicator that its owner isn't too far away). I've only once actually glimpsed someone sleeping under a bridge. I wasn't homeless yet myself at the time, so of course, the only thing that ran through my mind is "there but for the grace of God go I."

Little did I know...

I've actually seen more entensive "accomodations." Entire small campsites set up under train trestles, overpasses, in and near abandoned dwellings. I'm sure that the area parks occasionally play unwitting host to men and women looking for a place to rest before heading out to do battle with life again the next day.

There must be some inducement we can offer those sleeping under bridges to abandon such areas (c'mon, people; they're sometimes not dry and often not safe) and try to secure space out of the rain. This is America, for God's sake. If we can put men on the moon (and soldiers in Iraq) we can certainly put the homeless somewhere drier and safer than an overpass.

Just my 1.5 cents (after taxes, of course).

Nobody knows you when you're down and out. Good luck; you'll need it.
Good luck with your interview!
I've lived on the streets of portland... its not easy... just hang in there man, u'll get through... start small and work your way up... you'll make more true friends at the bottom than anywhere else, so when u do make it, dont forget them...
hey i feel for u .i am currently facing the same proposition in australia and it is daunting it is truly a reflection of our world when this continues to happen in developed countries hang in there winters nearly over hopefully the sun shines for u
It totally blows to be homeless man, when my mum threw me out I suddenly saw the world through a whole different perspective, and it's amazing how suddenly you're viewed through a different perspective as well.
And yes, it's pathetic how little support there is.
I live in Melbourne, Australia and the only thing I've seen recently is the government putting all the homeless folk up in cheap motels to hide them, as the Commonwealth Games start here shortly... 14 days later though they'll be ejected back onto the street.
Makes you wanna vomit.
Good luck man, it's never hopeless if you keep pushing on.
I am from this area and the Homeless rate is unreal. Read my Blog on what they are doing to me...I feel for you and was a carrier for N&R at one point.

The system here is highly messed up. The state denies any problems???

Friend in G'boro I am praying for you and your family...keep on keepin on, they are trying to put my family in the skids and when they attacked my innocent children, they went too far. I have to update my Blog on what happened today...I am in Forsyth, but lived in Guilford for 12 years and worked for them too.

I hope everything works out for you and wish thre was something I could do. One of my Goals is that if I do ever succeed is to reach out to those in need...please see my Blog at www.digitaldiscounts10.blogspot.com to get another perspective of this malfunctioned system that NC is in. My number is on my Blog...if you can call me give me the number and I will call you back, I do know a decent Social Worker in G'boro that may can give you some direction...out of town at moment but will be home soon and back to work. Call me, I will share what I can and try to help with what resouces I am aware of...you have a talent for writing, use it, use free Surfs to run your Blog on, people need to know...N&R I will not comment on as I am a former employee of them too...be careful is all I can say on that...Take care and I hope this post reaches you and we can talk.

Your Concerned Piedmont Friend,
Laurie Brandt

P.S. On my blog are many FREE resources, with Pro free hosting and all, enough if you are interested to start an online Biz...I will share with you for FREE (what I would normally charge for) to get you started and give you enough to get a good start...I read some of your post, you have a talent, now is the time to tap into it and use it. Please call me! This is a Totally FREE Offer, I do not want no money, I care and want to help, please read my Blog!!!!

Maybe.. for this time being, can you seek shelter in a church, or if you feel comfortable, even a mosque. Or some charitable organization? I hope can you can find someone to help you find you a job or a descent place to live?

I was thinking isn't it great if the poor have some sort camp home. I think one Asian architect has made that plan, but I don't quite remember who. Maybe governments can make use of their architects to think of cheap, safe, light materials that can make a very mobile camp-home for the poor.

Anyway, that's my US0.53 worth after the exchange rate. :) May God helps you. Amen
Mobile? Lol half the reason homeless people have so much trouble getting work is because they have to constantly shift around.
What we need is more money in public housing. Have a standing home that you can return to every night shouldn't be a luxury.

It'd be nice if the churches still opened their door to the homeless, now they just fob you off to the salvos or whatever they're connected to, which are so overwhelmed with people looking for accomidation it's not funny.
I work at a youth service it's just sad how many kids we have to just say no to.

Anyhow, thats my 19.5195 Estonia Krooni
(random currency off the converter)
I'm so glad you got an interview. Hang in there! Thank you for blogging.
Hi Michael. I have posted your link at my blog. (I hope you don't mind.) God speed and the best of luck to you and yours

Kid Galahad
This has generated more heat than flame so far. Will there ever be a second installment of this blog?
Good luck, you're in my family's prayers!
Wishing you the best of luck! I know how hard it can be and you and all homeless, will be in my thoughts more then you can know!
good luck!

i don't know what to say, except i'm sending you good vibes and hoping for all the best.

chin up. i hope it all works out. x
I'm not homeless and hopefully I won't ever be.I've been jobless before but always seemed to find sonme kinda work to keep me afloat until I could find a better job. If a person has a disability I can understand why they might be homeless and I do think they should be able to get help through our goverment.I am a truckdriver at this point in my life and been one for 15 years. The other day I met a driver who had no arms from the elbow down. He is in training to become a fuel hauler. I was amazed as I watched him perform the activities of loading his tanker which I,myself have problems at times and I have 2 fully functional arms. So please tell me what I am missing here.
Churches used to take people in...I know mine did. Until someone insisted on smoking in the church after we asked him not to and almost lit it on fire. My church is a poor downtown area and people try to come in there drunk....sometimes we have to say no. It cuts deep. I hope you and your family make it ok. Mayperhaps the newspaper article done on you brought some fortune your way.
Dudes, that is absolutely awesome what you have been doing. Thanks for giving a piece of your sould to the world. I know it sounds really new-agey but it seems to me that you trust in God... I might be wrong. And as everyone said. Keep hanging on. I'm sure that He has a reason for this... You may not know it, but I am sure that one day you'll look back and thank Him.
Ha, i thought i was the only homeless blogger. LOL. Yah living ion the streets does suck. But it is peaceful i must admit. Though being dirty aint me i have managed alright. Good Luck on your Interveiw bra.
Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. Having been in a similar situation, I know how it feels. I hope everything works out for you and your family. Good luck with the interview, hope it goes well!
i came into your blog my coincidence n i read with a prayer for you.

by the time i posted this message, i really do hope that things have turned better for you and your fam. and i hope your government can see how vital for everyone to have a place to call home. especially when you have young children, bcoz leaving on the streets only expose you to danger.

wishing you all the best...and take care.
Hey greensboro, blogging from FLA here. I was homeless just a few short years ago. It could happen again --all it takes is a low paid job, a health crisis, some major bill that comes up, unexpectedly... I wrote a book about my experiences called Diary of a Wage Slave. It's as yet unpublished. You are a graphic artist. I'm a writer. Why can't we put our abilities together and produce a book that speaks for homeless people, by homeless people. Publishers, R u listening?
"Nobody knows you when you're down and out." (Ain't that the truth!) Hold on to your family, and those you love. Friends disappear fast when you're on the street. But at the same time, the friends you make when you're down and out are REAL. "Keep your head to the Sky."
Peace---Cris (rabblewriter.blogspot.com)
i just wanted to say to all homelse jobles people to place hang in there and look for ever avalble resourse theres in greensboro i dont know of any there very short herer this town dosent help with any thing as i lost my job and i dont want to loase my place ive been lookng for work every day a and have had a couple of interviws but dose any one know of any resourese i can take advantge of untill i can get on my feet all i need ios a job aand every thing will be all right one wants to hire me
I'm a socialworker and I have worked with homeless families and I know the struggle and isolation a family can feel while being homeless. I hope you and your family make it through this.
I'm so glad someone is thinking out of the box and bringing this to attention. Its brave of you to discuss this openly. God Bless and best of luck.
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