15 Minutes

As I write this, I'm being photographed for the article in the News & Record. Don't know if my ugly mug will make it to the Web, but we'll see. I'm probably overexposed as it is.

Surreal slice of life, this is.

I'm actually not the type to garner publicity. After all, I'm not some narcissist like Paris Hilton, Dennis Rodman, or any of these other people that seem to be addicted to attention. I don't mind, however, drawing a bit of publicity as long as something good comes out ot it or something meaninigful is added to the debate.

Andy Warhol said everybody gets their fifteen minutes of fame. I guess this is mine; I'd better make it good. I want my fifteen minutes to actually help somebody, not feed an overblown sense of self-aggrandizement (Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, please call your offices.)

Speaking of fifteen minutes, I'll share mine. I wasn't going to name the host church where my family has been staying since Sunday, but they're such good people and so caring, I can't help it. So thank you, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, for showing an old cynic that there are indeed people left on this polluted mudball who give a fig for someone else, and for being excellent hosts to a family going through a period of travail. "By their works shall you know them."

I'm sure you will get more than just 15 minutes through the power of your blog.
As a Christian I believe that when someone is in need of healing, I should use the name of Jesus to heal that person. In the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I rebuke those demons that make you point your finger at others and say, "I'm not like them." Take the time to ask God for forgiveness and thank Him for His grace that you even have the capacity to even have the use of a computer. When I was homeless, I learned through a church that was supportting the shelter in which I was living, that I should count it all joy. That I should praise His Holy Name always, and be thankful for every breath I breathe because it is not guarateed. Everything is temporary and since we are all seeds of Abraham, we need to use the little time we have on the earth to love one another and help bring as many souls to salvation as we can before it is everlasting too late.
I have volunteered my time as the CEO of the same shelter I was staying which mostly houses men and am given many opportunities to show love and kindness to those going through many of the same trials as I did three years ago.
What we need to do when we have been blessed and grace has seen us through these trials is become a servant. I have brought the overflow from the shelter to my home. I have a family of 5 and we all contribute in the ministering of those in need. My wife and I have slept on the floor numerous times to allow more to be served. That is the walk he meant for us. That is the light he wants us to show. I love God and can not do enough for Him. Home is where the heart is and if God is in your heart, God provides a Comforter so that everywhere is home.
He sent out the apostles with nothing and through their faith in Him, they needed nothing.
God bless you.
Wow, How do you follow-up after what Charlie Smith said. I just wanted to say good luck to you and I hope all goes well. I know that it has beena while since you have last commented, but I interning at a place where they help the homelss and I see it all the time the devestation that people can feel from being homeless. I just hope that once you are back on your feet you pay it forward. Sometimes I think that may be the only way some problems can be challenged, helped, and fixed.
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