Actions Taken During the Storm

The News & Record article came out today. Everyone I've spoken with so far seems to be suitably impressed. Wish I had a bigger ego so I could enjoy my little fifteen minutes. Still, as long as this bring constructive dialogue and action on behalf of the homeless, who am I to complain? I seem to have, to use one of my favorite phrases again, "set the cat among the pigeons."

Still, there have been regrettable retreats. I recall reading over the weekend that the mayor of Mocksville (or Mooresville; I don't have the story in front of me right now) was endorsing a town ordinance that would have the effect of driving away the town's only homeless person. Instead of driving him away, why not find some help for him? Offer him a permanent place to stay, or a job that pays well enough that he could secure his own? Then Mocksville/Mooresville could boast that they have no homeless people, instead of drawing the inevitable -- and deserved -- storm of scorn for abandoning a fellow citizen. I'll post more on this once I find the article I read.

In other news, we were moved to our new host church yesterday. This new group of people are proving to be every bit as nice as the folks at Westminster Presbyterian. A very humble thank you and hats off to Guilford Baptist Church. Westminster and Guilford are just two of the organizations that are refusing to abandon their fellow citzens to the storms of bad fortune. They, along with GIHN, have totally restored my faith in humanity. My advice to anyone still in this mess but reading these words: don;t give up. There's help out there. You might have to dig for it, but it's there.

Hi Michael,

I read the article on News-Record.com and had to read your blog out of pure interest. I think you are doing an important thing in bringing even more much attention to the plight of people that could so easily be helped.
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