But For the Grace of God

I guess we're better off than most people in this siutation. This all happened at tax time, when I was expecting a large refund (one of the few advantages to being poor, thank God for the Earned Income Tax Credit). I shudder to think what would've happened has this occurred in the middle of the year, when I'm typically struggling the most with finances. The tax refund allowed us to quickly put roofs over the childrens' heads until our situation could stabilize.

I know others in our situation aren't so lucky, especially single mothers with children*. I hate to think of some mom, several kids in tow, that's been kicked out of their home that didn't have the resources we had to hand.

And I'm not naive. I know that there are actually some who, having lost their home, discovered a flair for outdoor living and decided, for whatever reason, not to try to regain a permanent roof. I can't imagine what life for them is like. God willing, I won't ever have to find out. I'm a city boy; outdoor life ain't for me.

*And let me inject quickly here that this covers all single mothers, in whatever circumstance. Not all single mothers are on welfare. Some are recovering from medical problems, or struggling with the aftermath of a divorce, or are just plain victims of a capitalist economy that's out to get anything not born with a silver spoon in its mouth. And let us not forget people like the Katrina victims, and other survivors of disasters, natural or man-made.

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