Voices Carried By the Wind

Two very interesting developments to report.

One, the News & Record article featuring my blog has gotten positive buzz. I've heard now from about a dozen people already who saw it (and, I guess, got over the initial shock of seeing me do something worthwhile...) I just wish I could've given my friends on my e-mail list a heads up, but I couldn;t get the e-mail to work properly on this computer.

Two, got a call yesterday from the city's office of Housing and Community Development. The representative asked me if I'd be willing to help them prepare a report on housing within the city. Sounds like an interesting opportunity, although I let them know right away that I had no experience whatsoever in preparing that sort of official report (not since college, at least). I'm supposed to meet with them later today. We'll see how things go.


your blog arrived in the german media... take a look at: http://www.netzeitung.de/internet/384801.html

Hope you'll get up soon...

You have experience more important than report writing. You have life experience. You are in position to shine a bright light into the darkest corners of our society. Be weary of those that want to use your celebrity to further their own agendas.
I agree with Emperor Bob. Use your celebrity for yourself. You have givn, now take, and while you take don't forget of those that are in a worse situation than yours.
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