Waiting for the Endorphins to Kick In

Paradoxically, we haven't met any other homeless people.

Not formally, anyway. There's only one other family in the program we're in, a mother with two children. We haven't formally met them yet. Right now, we're sort of keeping to ourselves as we sort out what role we're to continue playing in this sad little drama and decide what the next move will be.

I'm pretty sure some out there would call it snobbishness; call it what you will, but I haven't lived 43 years by blindingly trusting every new siutation or person I run across.

That's not to say that others in this plight are criminals or otherwise less worthy. It's just that...well I'll say it: we don't want to deal with a whole bunch of others right now.

I know in order to get the help we need, we can't afford to completely withdraw right now, and it's something we have to work on, but I stilll don't see jumping into this new siutation with both feet and eyes closed. This...isolation will pass. I guess it's just a situation where, much like someone who's just slammed their thumb with a hammer, we have to pause for a moment to let the pain subside.

Waiting for the endorphins to kick in, if you will.

Nothing of note happened today save we moved out of the hotel and into the GIHN program. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I've already got several irons in the fire...

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