Combat Conditions

Spent most of yesterday chsing down several job leads. Most were pretty juicy; maybe they'll lead to something I can use to get out of this mess.

Several commenters have suggested I add Google ads to the blog so that they can donate. I thought I had, but for some odd reason, the ads aren't showing up. Tried to resolve the issue this morning, but the computer I'm using has decided to fight me tooth and nail. Looks like I'll have to get outside help to resolve the issue. The problem is that I can't see the ads from my computer. If anyone else can, please let me know; and also let me know what browser you're using to see them. That will give me more clues as to what to look for. I plan to add a "Google Search" bar and I've already updated the page to allow posts to be sent via e-mail (didn't see that option before when I set things up.)

On another front, the Beast has turned to more subtle tactics. He's been lashing me with an old weapon I thought I'd taken from him some time ago*. So far, the attacks are just an annoyance, but all it would take is an unguarded moment to become a full-fledged ego attack.

Mike's Beast has apparently been attacking him, too, but his manifests more subtly, making him withdraw into his own little world rather than feeding him doubt and fear. We're on top of the situation, though, and are getting him some professional help.

*I'd rather not say what it is, no. Let's just say it's something that it's a mental thing I've struggled with on a low-key basis for years.

I see "Ads by Google" at the top of the page here... and I'm using FireFox...

Good luck on those job hunts, man. Care to tell us what kind of position you are looking for? I'm curious about what kind of carreer you'd like...

Feel free to email me anytime and say hi.

I see two Google Ads. They are even relevant to where I am living. I use Opera as my browser.
I see the ads as well, on firefox as well as internet explorer.
I can see the ads on my Apple iBook, running the latest update of OS X. And I can see them in both Firefox and Safari. In Camino, the ads do not show up. (I haven't tried Internet Exploder).

~ cob
Ads are up and running on IE6 (at the top of the page). If you cannot see them, maybe you have an ad blocker or something like that on your computer...

Good luck fighting the Beast...
I see the ads on Firefox 1.5, Internet Exploder, and Opera. Good Luck to you!

I see the ads with Newz Crawler, but not with FireFox (I use a script for Grease Monkey to block them though).
Time to start clicking away.
In case no one has verified it yet, the pay pal link seems to work as well. I have internet explorer, but it is likely a firewall or someother program blocking the ads..

Good luck to you. I know your situation well.
I had a problem viewing the ads because I had NoScript (a Firefox extension). But the ads are working. Cool beans. Click, click....
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