For Then I Would Fly Away, and Be At Rest*

The doves disappeared yesterday.

I loooked out the window yesterday afternoon to see how their nest was progressing, and was disapppointed to see that they were both gone, leaving a mass of twigs behind that looked nothing like a nest. Too bad, I was pulling for them, even though I (with my big human brain) knew that the exposed top of a window AC unit wasn't the best place to put a nest (there is no awning or other covering, and the entire nest would be exposed to the nest wind- or rainstorm that came along.

Fortunately, I saw the two of them again yesterday while watching the children on the Day Center's playground. They were sitting quite contentedly in a tree over in the next yard, surveying their new territory. Much like a young couple strolling about their new neighborhood for the first time.

This morning, to my delight, they were back at work on the nest. I guess they just decided to take a day off.

Probably not a bad idea. I could use a rest myself.

*And then I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove, for then I would fly away, and be at rest. --Psalms 55:6

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