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I'm fascinated by the facilities at the churches we've been guests of so far. As a child, I attended small churches, often off the beaten path, and I never imagined a church would have more than a sanctuary and maybe a room set aside foir meetings.

For instance, Westminster Presbyterian has a huge wing that seems to be set aside solely as an educational area, and it's as well stocked as any school in the county. Guilford Baptist has a full-fledged library comparable to many school libraries that Mama and Mike would've given their right arms to get into while we were there and a gigantic fellowship hall; and Muir's Chapel has a restaurant-scale kitchen and an honest-to-God gym with basketball goals and everything. Looks like it had been lifted straight out of a high school somewhere.

In addition, these churches are multi-floored, and have rooms designated for specific functions. Quite unlike all my previous churches, which were generally one floor* and if they had extra rooms, they were multipurpose areas. I've previously noted that Guilford Baptist seemed very well-equipped for whatever mission it cared to undertake.

*One was even in a old storefront on Summit Avenue, until it grew large enough to occupy its own space.


Greetings from the Charlotte blogosphere! I heard about you through various channels, most recently JW, BloggerBuzz and the N&R. I wanted to extend a friendly, helping hand, ifthere is anything I can do to help you to achieve your goals in life.

I totally suck at making money, and as such am down to a couple of dollars, but am rich in friends, family and gifts. I've come to realize that were I rich in money as well, that would be overkill.

I noticed that you do art, and would like to invite you to be a contributor on Carolina Art Blog, which I run (when I have time and new additions). There are so many artists in Carolina, it would take a lifetime to do them all justice.

The Greensboro blogosphere is an amazing thing to behold, and I hope you are reaching out to them, and sharing your gifts and ideas with them.

I'll shut up now. Contact me if you'd like to work on the art blog. Granted, it makes no money, but that can change with the inclusion of artists' blogads.

Keep safe, my brother, and stay healthy!

Harambee pomoja,
David Beckwith
Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope it improves.
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