Managing the Hype

Thanks, yumurcak, for the glimpse at how Islam handles social problems such as homelessness.

Talked with my Mom by phone last night for the first time since the N&R article came out. She told me she was proud of me (not the first time I'd ever heard that from Mom, but still...) and that she was going to show the pastor at her church and the Durham Herald-Sun the article (I'd sent her a hardcopy by way of letting her know that we were okay.) She'd already clued the rest of the extended family in, and Mama reminded me (not so gently) that I'd neglected to get enough hard copies for her side of the family.

We left Guilford Baptist this morning. I've never met a warmer bunch of folks, and I'm certainly not going to forget our stay there. Or the food. Oh, the food... Thank you, volunteers and staff at Guilford Baptist, for sharing your time and your church.

I want to fix a glaring omission. With all the hype I'd been giving Interfaith Hospitality Networks, I don't know why it never occurred to me to simply link the site; here it is. Apologies to all for not doing so before; I don't know why I didn't, with all the talking about it I've done. Maybe it's just old age; mind isn't the steel trap it used to be...

The birds are progressing well with their nest. Papa Dove* flew back and forth all morning bringing bits of detritus to build the nest. Mama Dove* seemed to take it easy today, although she did do some nest-weaving early on. Last time I looked in on her, she was taking a nap. I don't know much about birds, but I'd guess it's almost time to lay her eggs. Papa better get a move on.

*Sorry for the corny names. It hasn't occurred to me to actually come up with anything better to call them. Romeo and Juliet? Tristan and Isolde? Osiris and Isis? Jor-el and Lara? So many good ones...

I thought you might be interested to know that the Blogger people have picked up your story.


I first started reading your blog after the N&R article and very much enjoy it. I wish you all the best.
You linked to the national IHN site, but Guilford Interfaith Hospitality Network also has their own local web site, here: www.gihn.org. :)

I've spent the past 2 days checking out your blog. I'm sure with your intelligence and this exposure that you'll be back on your feet in no time. Good luck.
I also wanted to ask why couldn't you stay with your mother or some other relative. It might be crowded but I'd rather sleep on a relatives floor than stay in a strange shelter.
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I don't know anything about birds either.

Here in South Africa, I cannot imagine a homeless person having access to the internet.
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