Mea Culpa

I want to take a moment to apologize to my gentle readers. I appears that in my quest to address some of the comments about the blog, I allowed some of the more...unsupportive...comments to get to me and nearly draw me into a political debate. There are websites, forums and blogs ad nauseum on the Web where the Republican/Democrat/left/right/blue/red/right/wrong of things are hashed out on a daily basis; this blog shouldn't be one of them.

See, once the narrative/debate gets politicized, that's as bad as stereotyping it. It loses focus, it loses the audience interest, and then it is just lost. So, I'm sorry I let my partisan slip show, as it were. How about from here on out, I keep the sociopolitical b.s. to a minimum unless it links directly to the issue of homelessness, deal?

Now on with the blogging...

Fair enough, but the issue of homelessness and solutions are inseperable from politics.
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