Nesting Behavior

The Day Center for GIHN in a former life was a grand house in what was once the ritziest section of town, Fisher Park. Irving Park has since supplanted it as the rich part of town, but many of the houses here are still large and spacious, with multiple floors and architecture harkening back to decades past.

This morning, while changing upstairs, I heard a scampering on the window AC unit next to me. Thinking a squirrel had found a convenient launching pad, I peeked through the blinds and was surprised to be met by a dark, feathered eye. Seems a pair of doves has decided to build their nest on top of the AC and are diligently at work right now.

I was struck by how hard the two work at it, and how well they work together. Father Dove makes regular sorties to gather twigs and such while Mother Dove stitches all the material into place using her body as a measuring tool. It's fascinating to watch. It was also a good analogy for our situation. These two, technically homeless, have to put together a home one piece at a time. Just like we'll have to.

I'm pretty sure they know we're just on the other side of the window, but they don't seem to mind too much. If I can get my hands on a camera, I'll try and post a picture of them.

My daughter told me about your blog. You are truly amazing! If you can't get work in your chosen profession, you might want to think about writing. This is extremely interesting - not to mention well written.

I left for a couple of days and when I went there today, I couldn't believe how much you had written!! I had to skip a lot of it because there was so much, but I'll be back to read the whole thing.

I really don't think you need luck. You're obviously very bright and have a strong work ethic. I know you'll make out just fine. Best of everything to you!!
I'm glad I was directed to your site today.
I read about your blog in an online journal. This is such a neat thing to be doing. It raises awareness about the situation of the homeless and allows people who will hopefully never be in a situation like yours to see what it is like.
i like to read about your life, because i know nothing about your situation. helps me understand things a lot better. keep writing, and we'll keep reading.
check out http://www.mobuzz.com/vlog/index_en.html . they featured you on todays show.
A few days ago I was assigned by my English teacher to write a satirical essay about a problem in our society and an outrageous way to solve it. The idea was to use wit to expose the stupidity some people take toward the situation. I was going to write about something else but when I came across your blog through a friend of a friend's, I felt that I ought to write about homelessness instead. If you have time I'd be honored if you'd just read it and let me know what you think. As I browsed around the internet for a quick session of research, it amazed me how many people take the narrow minded view that all homeless people are there because they are losers. Although I would never wish poverty on anyone, you have a tremendous oppurtunity to change the way people see those less fortunate than them and I admire you for speaking up rather than withdrawing into self pity. Stay strong in God my friend.

Jon Turpin
After this whole ordeal is over, consider writing a book about it. I'm sure you'd have no problem getting it published. The money you make from it could help make up for some of what you lost and anything left over could go to other people in your situation. Don't underestimate the attraction of your writing and situation; many people would be very interested in reading your story.
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