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Just a few quickie things to report on that I'd been neglecting lately:

Mike has apparently devised his own strategy to his Beast: read it to death. This is good, since he retains most of what he reads, but bad, because he doesn't do a lot of interacting with the IHN volunteers, who are really nice people.

Our host church this week is Friendly Avenue Church of Christ, which has the most ethnically diverse congregation we've met so far. They even have a Hispanic ministry; we met the minister Sunday night, a very nice man. Mama got to showcase her Spanish skill, and he gave her a very nice compliment.

I've learned to network for job leads at each church, and I've gotten several. There were two nice ladies at St. Pius X* that pointed me toward job leads, and there are several people at Friendly Ave. CoC that have promised to make inquiries on my behalf.

The dove outside our window at the Day Center is sitting contentedly on her nest full-time now. One day last week when she flew off for a break, I took a peek into the nest. Looks like she's expecting twins. I have no idea when they'll hatch. Papa Dove seems to have decided to seek his fortune elsewhere, because we haven't seen him around. Of course, I suppose it's equally possible a local cat simply got lucky one day. I hope not.

One of the rules of IHN is that we can't spank the kids when they misbehave. Nessie seems to have gotten hip to this as she's acted out a few times when I wasn't around. Of course, she knows if Daddy gets wind of the goings-on, she'll be invited out "for a walk". She usually takes the hint.

Lucky had an idea that I'll be trying to work on, and one I should've come up with myself: offer to redesign JobLink's presentation materials. The only drawback I can see is that JobLink is a state agency, with the attendant bureaucracy...you see where I'm going with this. Still, a good suggestion. I'll see who I can buttonhole for a meeting.

There were several good suggestions to the problem I posted of starting an online portfolio. I hope none of my respondents takes this the wrong way, but I did something I should've done in the first place**; I Googled for a solution (duh!) and got several possibilities. As soon as I figure out where I put the @#$%& disk with my PDF files, I'll start one.

*That was the first time I'd ever set foot in a Catholic church. I wish I'd attended Mass Sunday so I could see what it was like for real, and not the stylized version TV presents.

**I seem to be getting a little slow on the uptake in my old age. They say the mind is the first thing to go...

You can check out my portfolio for ideas, although I am still trying to land a job myself, so results remain to be seen...If you set it up as a new blog, you can do it for free. PDFs aren't so friendly to post, though it can be done. JPEGS are much easier, at least that's what I've found to be the case. My portfolio is at mightykat.net
I tried that "market value thing" for salary negotiations today at the job I had. The guy tried to low ball me, it was ok though. I knew I d hate the job as she was describing it to me. It was one of them jobs where yous it in front of your compeuter screen all day in your cubicle and prevent the world isnt outside going on. Nope! not for me. I could never bring myself to live in one of them multiple unit high rise apartments neither. Why? Because, you live in NC right? so you know how poultry farmers operate? Yea, you know a long barn with like 10,000 chickens in it. Thats why I cant do cubicle, nor multiple high rise apartment building living.
Anyway, I couldnt pass the credit check nor background job reference thing, so why bother getting worked up? And for the record, the job background reference thing dont work because the companies are no longer in business. I knew some would get self righteous in here. Anyway, these people are weird. Its like if you arent an absolutely perfect individial then you are worthless. Odd? I WOULD SAY if you havent fallen then you havent lived. Some of you would get offended by that, I say why wouldnt you? I can look at my life and say I wish stuff had gone better but hey I know people who have moved from the first step and got things but no story to tell you how they got them. And that concludes my foray into the cubicle induced madness that exists in non descriptive office parks in the USA.
Or maybe I can just doze off with a Grisham novel and the latest Celine Dion album?
Most Catholic churches offer mass just about every day which are usually attended by precious few. But they have services on Sat evenings, too.

It's definitely a good experience to have--I find that ritual to be quite peaceful, especially if it's in a church whose parishoners are open minded. (This coming from someone who cringes at the thought of being around any type of organized religion...)
Good luck with the presentation I hope something positive comes from it.
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