Part of the Problem

Saw this in yesterday's paper. It bothered me. It should bother anyone with any smidgeon of conscience.

It's bad enough that Dallas and some of these other cities are banning the homeless from doing anything at all in public*, but to then come out and say they're doing because they want to get the homeless some help? Isn't that a bit like saying you're going to shoot someone so they can learn to handle a gun?

And they think that they can just legislate the problem away, like a bad pork barrel project.

I'm sorry, but this level of stupidity shouldn't exist at any level of government.


In other news, I've heard from several people that say they can see the Google ad at the top of the page. Maybe it's just this computer that I'm using that's making it difficult for me; it's the most cantankerous one I've ever dealt with. Regardless, thanks to all who care to donate, through Google Ads or PayPal, and don't forget the needy just down the street from you. "How can you love God, who you've never seen, but not love your brother, who you see every day?"

*The print version of the article listed a number of behaviors proscribed by city, and I noticed that most of them are ones that feed the prevailing stereotype of the homeless. Still, these cities should have a heart. Thankfully, Greensboro isn't on this list, but there but for the grace of God go we.

Its the Grapes Of Wrath man. Thats what its always about. You can run away from your problems only if you are faster than they are. If you couple the anti-pandering laws along with the pro-illegal immigration arguments(that no one ever discusses honestly in forthright detail) Americans will be screwed in the 21st Century. They will actually believe they NEVER saw it coming when its been coming for the past few decades. The Middle Class is toast. What can you hold onto to give yourself the lifestyle your parents had post WWII? I really want know.
avolokitisvara... The middle class is toast because they "burn" themselves every chance they get... From reading all your comments here on this site, you play the role of "middle class" very well... You try to play both sides of the fence, and that's why you'll always stay EXACTLY where you've started... How about this... In my 32 years of life I've lived through all three generally accepted "classes" that you've defined... I've been Poor, I've been Middle-Class and I've been rich (you'll just have to guess which class I fit into currently!) I am so well-versed in numerous subjects and topics that there is no conversation I'd be uncomfortable in... I've learned many things from people who nobody would give the time of day to in the subways of Manhattan and I've learned many things from people who's job titles include Vice President of Citigroup, Partners at Top 5 Accounting AND Top 5 Law Firms as well. I have no equal when it comes to anything related to Technology (I've been challenged before.)

So, pick my brain ... Take advantage of me! Use me in any way you wish! I don't want money, credit or thanks. My "reward" is knowing that you've listened and made your own decision.

My biggest fear was that once I've gotten out of the hole I was in and became "one of them" I'd act as snobby or indifferent to those in the same position I was once in. The funny thing is, I started out with excited that I could help others, but now I'm starting to understand their thinking. Please, if anything else, don't let me become one of them!

So, once again, I ask you free of charge and with no strings attached, what question would you LOVE to have answered in the most generic of terms regarding your life, career or anything else? The only thing you must keep in mind is that it's up to you to implement them.
Yea, thanks. And in my 32 years I ve been surrounded by many people who relish their sanctimony. You sound like one of them. What would make you think that my pedigree isnt the same as yours? If you want to know, I can tell you where I worked in Manhattan, no need to exculpate. I used to work on 13 Rector Street(next to the American Stock Exchange), 14 Wall Street(across from the New York Stock Exchange), at the Fleet Building on 5th Ave and 48th Street(across from Rockefeller Center, where they film the Today Show), on 6th Avenue across from Bryant Park in the HBO Building(on the same floor as Isaac Mizrahi studios). What does it all mean? Well, if you wanna come to NYC, I m the guy to talk to. Other than that, not much. It s laughable how you assert that poor people are poor because they dont understand their economics. They dont harness the power of the sun, to burn the midnight oil, the catch the early bird's worm, bird in the bush, 2 on the grill, blah, blah, blah(<---read: sarcastic jingoism). I assert poor people are poor because they dont make enough money. Thats easy to say AND understand. What can you learn from some schmuck-VP at Citigroup than is more useful than John Foster Dulles? What executive in his big pretty office with his effiminately manicured nails can tell you more about business than Henry Ford?
How do you know where I started? You have an idea, but its wrong. How do you know I havent followed the last years of Martin Luther King, Jr. where he became a sincere advocate for the poor, which ultimately lead to his assassination? What about Lyndon Baines Johnson? Did those people at that time also not understand that somewhere, anywhere there is a gold coin lying under a rock, and this coin will bring them economic salvation?
There s nothing that I want to ask you, I m convinced that you among others dont know what you re talking about. You didnt want to become one of "those" people? You are one of those people. It reflected in your piety. "YOU have the answers to it all!" "Oh great Maharishi, bring me a cure for what ails me, please!" It all runs together like some Tony Robbins feel good seminar that never addresses real issues and only talks in perjoratives that can never be quantified. And the inability to quantify makes it impossible to ascertain if you even know what it is you profess to know. Metrics is what I m referring to.
I m really interested in knowing how the middle class "burn" themselves? The answer is in you, you hold the keys to your redemption. And uh, I ll pass on the FOX News Network talking points. They ll sound just as facetious coming from you as they do coming from Bill O'Reilly.
By the way, do a wikipedia/google/msn/yahoo search for the definition of avolokitisvara.
avolokitisvara... First, I've got to get a "dig" in if you don't mind... I am well aware of the three paths of equality of the Buddist faith, but I must advise you of your, um, misspelling of the word... It's "Avolokitesvara" and NOT "Avolokitisvara".

Secondly, you might be right... Maybe I DO think I'm "Holier-than-thou" because I know so much. But why do you anger yourself with my arrogance and not rejoice in my advice that could very well be correct? I admit that arrogance is my weakness and I try every day to work around it, but I seem to always fail. I will NEVER give up, but for now I unfortunately have to go through a "trial and error" period.

I learned from the top people in the top companies in the world, and I have myself become one of the top people in my industry as a result. You might be dismissive of my cousin at Citigroup, but you must deal with the consequences of depriving yourself of that knowledge that I was willing to pass along to anybody willing to hear it. You can no longer complain about how rich a VP at Citigroup is because you were given the opportunity to learn something about how he got to that top spot. I'm not saying that you too can be a VP, but hey, you're smart enough to maybe be a VP, aren't you?
As for MLK... I am well versed in the biography of Martin Luther King, Jr., and I will tell you that his greatest accomplishment was to influence a change in ALL races to live as one rather than segregate all. If you wish to live and follow the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., then ask yourself this... What are YOU willing to change about yourself to make this world a better place?
Is it Muammar Gaddafi, Khaddafi or Qadhafi? Is it Mao Zedong or Mao Tse Tong? Is it Deng Xiao Ping or Deng Chaoping? Is it Beijing or Peking? Missouri or Missour-ah? Ar-can saw or Our Kansas? Versailles or Ver Sails? Seriously, it is an english language interpretation of a non English word. So how correct need it be, because you know there are certain sounds in english that dont have a sound, so how can one combine them(ie. Tse, Q without u, Xiao) Its all a best guess. Anal? And even still if I were to change one letter could not it be assume I was looking for individuality but still to offer respect to the originator of the name? What would Snoop Dogg say? Or the Boyz in the Hood? Are we N'Sync here? 2Pac? Mos Def?
I m not angry at all. By the way they give out VP titles at financial firms like candy canes at MACY'S during the Thanksgiving Day parade. Who isnt a VP after being there for at least 4 years? Yea, man, everybody goes to school to get an MBA but how come businesses dont get any better?
avolokitisvara... I was just looking for a Thank You... If you recall, you said:

"By the way, do a wikipedia/google/msn/yahoo search for the definition of avolokitisvara."

So, I did a wikipedia/google/msn/yahoo search for the definition of "avolokitisvara" and got 0 results outside of your Blogger comments. YOU told ME to search for a word that YOU suggested to me, and I couldn't find it. Since Google suggested the correct spelling I thought it would be nice of me to let you know that you mispelled the word. Most humble people would have apologized or would have been grateful...
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