The Polaris Imperative

Several of you have suggested that I move up north in order to find work and generally put our lives back in order. While I appreciate the suggestions, well...brrr!

It's cold up there!

I know it gets warm in summer, but winters up in Minneapolis, Pittsburgh or Waukesha are a tad brutal for my taste. North Carolina has its flaws -- a lot of them -- but it stays warm. Mostly.

Now, I'm not averse to working up north; in fact, before the...ahem...Late Unpleasantness, I was exploring ways to make that work. We had a neighbor back at our old place (very nice man) that worked in New York City but lived in Greensboro. He'd commute to NYC, stay up there for six or eight weeks, then come back here to stay for a week or two with his wife. He kept it up for about 20 years until he retired last year. Wore out many a car doing it, but I know he made a pile of money.

Of course, he didn't have kids, and as any parent out there worth their diaper pails can tell you, you don't want to get too far from your kids. Still, graphic designers in NYC make about twice what they do down here. If you can handle the competition, that is, which I imagine is beyond fierce.

Still...there's gotta be a way to make that happen...

well,, I can tell you what my grandpa did. He had his family in upstate NY while he worked for a company in the Bronx. Of course this was in the 50s. But it cant be done. I ve been to Raleigh and I dont know where you are incomparison to there, but it s like 500 miles from there to NYC. Thats about a 12 hour trip driving at 55-60mph. Less if you drive faster. You can spend like 15 days in NYC doing what you gotta do, 100%(maybe 110%)workaholic. Rent a room in an SRO, get a joint checking account with Mama and you can have your money DD(direct deposited) into the account to manage expenses down in NC. If you leave a Friday night and plan your workload out you can you can arrive Saturday morning or afternoon(buy an American car). You can spend like 3-4 days in NC then return to NYC. The money is worth it bro. Listen, I know I m rambling but in all essence, my dad did it. BUT!!!! He was in Alaska and his family was in Connecticut(Thats a commute, isnt it?) He d fly back like every 6-7 weeks for a week or 2. You may not even need togo all the way to NYC, maybe Jersey or Philly could put you close enough to get the $$$. THink about it bro, at this point you only have time to lose.
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