I am ashamed.

I don't spend enough time looking up from what I'm doing to see what else is going on, and I should be.

First, Cara Michele has corrected me (very quickly, I might add; you go, girl!) and let me know that she has linked to Colby Smith's obituary, complete with a picture. You can find it in the Comments to "Just Desserts".

I realize that I don't recognize him now, but I probably passed him a million times and took no notice of him back then. If he was at UNCG in the '80s, I might even have bumped into him once or twice there, too.

Small world.

Anyway, looking at the list of organizations he'd joined on behalf of the homeless, it made me think of how little I've done. Maybe gerard v was right; maybe I haven't actually done a damn thing for the homeless, other than type this blog, which frankly, anybody can do.

(Hmm, perhaps I'd better finish this quickly; I feel the Beast stirring in the back.)

Second, I'm also ashamed on a visual level. Cara's blog is so much more...vibrant...than mine. And I'm supposed to be a Graphic Designer! The trouble is, the design for this blog is so well known now, I'm afraid to change it.

Third, I'm ashamed that I haven't sufficiently acknowledged the fact that there are others out there who are just as homeless, and just as quick to articulate their day-to-days in their own blogs. I seem to recall reading somewhere as well that up North there is a group of homeless men that publish a weekly newspaper. I'll try to find the information on that again and pass it along.

At least the third thing I can do something about. Cara's blog links to several other homelessness blogs. Through one of those links, I came in contact with the Homeless Blog Webring. You may have noticed the set of links to the left; these are links to other sites within the ring. I've checked some of them out -- apparently Canada and England are struggling with the problem on the same scale as we are. I've linked View From the Sidewalk there myself, but I don't think the link will be active for a few days yet.

Anyway, what all this haas taught me is that I need to get crackin'. Maybe later, though. First I've gotta get the Beast back to sleep.

I wasn't "correcting" you because you didn't do anything wrong. I was just pointing you to the info you were interested in. :)

And as for "how little" you've done, stop thinking that way right now!! Your blog is helping people to understand the reality of homelessness. That's huge!

Michael, you're a blessing!
Ashamed? You should not be ashamed because right now you are not in a position to help anyone but yourself. Get back on your feet first then you can go back and reach out to others. Don't bite off more than you can chew. It does no one any good, especially yourself. You are doing the best you can for family right now. Don't be too hard on yourself.
"I'm also ashamed on a visual level. Cara's blog is so much more...vibrant...than mine. And I'm supposed to be a Graphic Designer! The trouble is, the design for this blog is so well known now, I'm afraid to change it."

If you don't like the blog's template, then you should change it.

Consider the alternative: don't change it. Then you are 100% guaranteed to still have a template that you don't like.

If you change it, you have at least a 50/50 shot at a better template. 50% odds of a better template are better than 0%, by a factor of infinity. You won't have a better template unless you try to make one.
Bro, change up the website, like the rapper, Mystikal, said "Show us what you re workin' with!" Expose your talents in any way you can and if you have the time at that place, we ve got the eyeballs to see.
Oh yea, I had to change mine up, I wanted it be Le Vie Perpetuel-you frenchies know what I mean.
If you want to change your blog, change it. What else is totally yours?
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You mentioned a homeless newspaper up North. Maybe you mean Streetpulse in Madison WI.

Wisconsin is a nice, clean place. The weather is getting warmer now, almost 40ºF!!! Come on up, and get a job already!
I change mine all the time, it's fun to try all of them. And it would be a great way to show what you can do as a graphic design artist.
don't be ahsamed!!

you are prioritizing what you need to right now, which is getting a place for you and your family ASAP. The blog renovation and other stuff can wait.
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