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Kevin "The Homeless Guy" Barbieux beat me to the "homeless blogging" thing. I'd always thought that if there were a good idea to be had, someone else would think of it first. Kevin's blog is here, and he's got some interesting insights that can only come from experience. Sorry you're in this mess, too, Kevin.

Discovered that this blog has been mentioned in the Italian media.

Thanks to all the commenters and e-mailers. I've heard from Sweden, Italy and Venezuela. It's sad to see that homelessness is a global problem, but good to see that the people of the globe haven't turned their eyes from it.

hi Cybermancer

here's a colleague, from the graphic design jungle.
yes, italian media is following your blog also, seems you created quite an unexpected event, didn't you? an excellent one indeed.
I wish you the best for your future, you demonstrated to have the skill to modify it for the serenity of your familiy.
The problem still exist and is good you use your circumstance to make it more visible, . not all the people in need will have this chance.

Great when you say "keep on keepin on", never loose your wit.
and great i found another one which likes the enterprise original soundtrack. In italy is not really known (at least my friends don't:).

as you said , seems not much but sometimes a word is a precious thing, so here 's mine, here's one more that wish you to reach your goal.
why? in the moment you asked for it, you deserve it.
how He said? "ask and you'll be given", hope it works in my bad english.

ciao e in bocca al lupo!*

*italian farewell
Hey Cyber -- the link in your post is incomplete -- I think you need to add the "http://" part to thehomelessguy.blogspot.com...

~ peace
~ cob
davide sei tu nomorga? quello che giocavamo a fare i buchi nelle foglie con le dita?
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