Slats Missing from a Picket Fence

Was going to post today, but the entire time I'd allotted myself to post was spent answering gerard v's charges. You can read up on them on his blog here.

What I'd like to ask all my readers is that has anyone found gerard's advice helpful? Let me know. If so, I'll happily retract what I've said.

And if anyone believes that I've bashed people, made them feel inferior, or perpetrated any other indignity, let me know, and I'll happily retract and apologize.

Actually it's occurred to me that the guy's actually kept up with the blog, even if he ruffled feathers. To him and others of you who've stuck with me this long, thank you.

I dont find it beneficial, but I dont find it detrimental neither. And that is what makes me a true American.
I do feel I need to apologize for accusing you of purposely trying to make me look bad, which was more out of anger than common sense. So, sorry about that part. As my own personal pennance, I'm going to keep my post on my page exactly the way it is. My punishment will be MY hypocracy.
I think the Gerard V’s of the homeless blogging world are par for the course. When I was homeless and blogging, I had a guy with the blog comment moniker LongHairSteve do much of the same thing. He latched onto my blog and felt he should advise me on everyday affairs. I had my own personal idiot advising me on how to turn around and change my life. I took everything he said with a grain of salt and just let him comment.

I have found Gerard’s comments interesting in a train wreck kind of way. It has certainly added entertainment value and “spice” to your blog. I hate he has caused you so much trouble and that you have to waste precious online time responding to him when you could be enlightening people about the plight of homelessness.
I don't blog, I originally found your site from an article in the newpaper, and have been checking in on a regular basis to see how you and your family have been getting along. Today, I felt the need to create an account so I could send this message. The entire point of a person having a blog, is it is THEIR blog! Their right to say what they feel etc. My opinion? You haven't bashed anyone, and if Gerard wants to rant and rave, he should do it on his own blog, and not waste your time and energy by continually drawing you into a debate....

Good luck to you and your family.
But on another note, it does give you the opportunity to focus and continue to put things in perspective. It in a crude way allows you to keep your burner on instead of extinguishing it on your hopes and dreams. Jesse Jackson said "Keep hope alive", so maybe what that s what he s trying to do?
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