So, Tell Me About Yourself...

Had a job interview yesterday with a large marketing distributor here in town. I think it went really well; of course, I've had other interviews that went really well and then I didn't get the job, so until I get that phone call, I'm not getting my hopes up.

I'm usually nervous in interviews, but now I had a new level of anxiety. What if this guy finds out I'm homeless? I don't volunteer that information, of course, but I wonder what'll happen if the subject comes up. I have a P.O. Box that I use right now, and I'm free to use the address of the Day Center as my street address, but I'd prefer not to. Still, the question will come up sooner or later, or someone will recognize me from that newspaper article*, so I wonder what my response should be.

One thing I do know; letting that particular cat out of the bag will probably hurt my chances more than help**, so I'll just keep my mouth shut about it for now.

*So far, none have, or if they have, they're keeping mum about it.

**Employers like to know their employees have stable housing histories, as well, although they won't (or can't) ask about it. Plus, they like to have street addresses so they know where to send checks and correspondence if need be.

I hate interviews. I've been looking for work for a great portion of the last 5 years. I've tweaked and rearranged my skills enough I am not sure if I am qualified for anything anymore. I hope they dont ask you. Bottom line is, can you do the work?, WIll you be there every day? Or as often as humanly possible.
I agree with you though, mandatory overtime is a load of crap. If you have that much work hire another person. We have lost track of what is important in this life. That is ourselves, our families, friends, loved ones. We spend so much time at a job that couldn't care less about you. It can all be gone in a moment. Dont let is pass you by.
Autumn... In the 5 years you've looked for work you've tweaked and rearranged your skills so much and you still can't get a job, right? Then you must agree that your skills are not the problem, correct? Your failure to land a job is in your first sentence. I'd bet the farm on the fact that your resume has constantly changed over 5 years yet your interviewing skills have remained exactly the same (otherwise you would have mentioned it).

Now that you know what your weakness is you can start correcting it and turning it into a positive before your next interview.

If you hate interviews you come across as hating to be interviewed during an interview. That's why your skills hold less weight in the interviewers mind as you get deeper and deeper into the interview process. If you have any questions that you'd like some help on regarding interviews let me know here or on my own blog. Normally I'd just tell you to visit my blog only but I think this is something that a lot of other people could find useful.
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