Taken Wing

They're gone.

The birds outside our window have disappeared. Mother Dove had just hatched her babies, too. At least the other day I saw a little fuzzy brownish-gray head peeking out from under her wing. But when I went to check on them the next day, they were gone.

I looked around the ground under the A/C unit, thinking that maybe the babies had fallen out of the nest and Mom had simply left, knowing she couldn't help, but I saw no little bodies in the grass. I guess a hawk might have gotten the lot of them; we have several red-tailed hawks around here*.

Too bad; watching the babies grow up would have been an interesting science project for the kids.

*There was one near our old place I used to call "Shayera" (you comics fans will catch the reference). Anyway, I saw a flock of ravens divebombing her one day while she was out for a fly, minding her own business. I didn't think ravens had those sort of cojones.

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