Voices Carried By the Wind II

I make it a point to read all comments I get on the blog. Even though I don't respond to you right away (due to time issues), rest assured I will, and thank you for commenting and keeping up.

Aside to gerard v, keep commenting, dude. Remember, all perspectives are useful in dealing with the problem. If the Republicans and the Democrats (and the Libertarians and the Reforms) would talk to one another intead of past one another to their ideologues, maybe things would get done, neh?

Anyway, I couldn't resist posting this from avolokitisvara. I think I should print it out and put it on the wall somewhere:

"Hey! I'm promoting cannibalism here so when we're all poor and standing in front of a trash can trying to keep warm I can feast on your souls like the government is doing to us right now."


Hey Cybermancer, You have been on a roll this last week. Great posts, astonishing insight for one who has so recently entered into the hidden population. Keep up the good work and keep the faith!

aka walksbyfaith
I don't mind posting comments, it just seems like I'm being thought of as an annoyance rather than someone who is genuinely trying to help.

I don't like having to tell my life story because I feel it's irrelevant to the advice I'm giving, but if it helps, I'll tell you...

I was homeless when I was a about 7 or 8 for about a month. I grew up really poor, divorced parents, I financially ruined myself in my early 20's, turned my life around and now I'm at the point where I no longer worry about money. I'm not a millionaire or anything like that, but I am "rich" based on my own definition, which is not having to worry about money.

I am an IT Consultant, and as such I'm more "valuable" to corporations after a disaster. I liken myself to "Mr. Wolf" from Pulp Fiction, because I get paid very handsomely to get companies out of their disaster and back on track as quickly as possible. On the flip-side, I also consult on companies on preventing disasters before they happen through Business Process Anaylsis and Diaster Recovery. I also am an expert in human behaviorism of all types (Classic, Radical, Verbal, etc.), so I know why people do what they do and how to overcome it. Only problem is that most people don't liked to be analyzed, so I do get labelled "cocky" or "arrogant" on occasion!

Anyway, all of my advice comes from life experiences, self-education and "instinct" for a lack of a better word.
Just checking in to see how you are doing.
thanks bro, I feel as exactly as I wrote those words!
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