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Just a few quickies, to catch things up...

• Found out that one of the churches in IHN won't be hosting families after this year. Won't say which one, but it's one of the ones we've previously been guests of. Fortunately, it's not due to anything negative. They're just going to be doing some necessary renovating and won't be having the same amount of space or facilities to host overnight families. I say to them, Godspeed, my friends. And thank you for being there when we needed you.

• I'm currently locked in mortal combat with several nasty computer viruses*. The computer at the Day Center, which is set up for the families' Internet use, curiously had almost no protection on it whatsoever. No firewalls, no spyware killers, little antiviral protection. And as a result, the thing's caught several pieces of malware that have set about merrily disabling the antivirals and playing pure hell with the system. I've been doing some research on the Web and downloading what I could to stop the infectious march. It goes back and forth. Some days, I manage to kill some of the little buggers, some days, they make me want to tear what little hair I have out. But at least I seem to be learning another skill. Of course, the whole thing would be easier if the staff would (1) remove the administrator lockouts so I can install some heavy-hitting software, or (2) buy a Mac.

• There has been a new development that I don't want to report in detail just yet. For now, all I'll say is that off in the distance, I can see a little pinpoint of light, but I don't feel the concurrent rumbling of the tracks or hear a train whistle, so maybe, just maybe...

• I've decided to switch careers, because I'm sick of beating my head against the wall of obstinacy regarding trying to get a job in graphic design, although if a job comes through in the near future, I'll grab it. I'm just not treating it as a priority anymore. Meanwhile, I think I'll look into training for something in medicine, or even biotech or nanotech. It's layoff-proof, not likely to be outsourced, and pays pretty well. Plus, I've always had a soft spot for the applied sciences.

• I'm starting to wonder if Nessie isn't locked in struggle with her Beast. She'd been managing to keep hers at bay through the arts and friends, so I haven't been too worried. lately, though, we've noticed that she doesn'r seem to eat very much. I'm planning a doctor visit soon to see if anything's seriously wrong. Fingers crossed...

• Found this blogpost through Kevin Barbieux's blog. As an experiment in capitalism, this guy bought bottled water cheap and sold it at a profit, partnering with a homeless man to learn the ropes of the street and to avoid trouble with the cops and other homeless. It's a good idea, and one that's far more useful than walking up and down with a "Homeless-Hungry-God Bless" sign. He did the right thing, in finding out what the reactions of the cops and the homeless denizens would be, but did he have to refer to them as "bums"?

• Speaking of Homeless-Hungry-God Bless (and I know I'll raise Cara Michele's ire with this -- sorry Cara!) but I saw a man carrying one of these signs from the bus yesterday. The problem was, he not only had no visible informities of any sort, he looked to be younger and in better shape than me! I couldn't help but think that employers tend to fall all over themselves trying to hire guys like this. He could make more in five minutes at a job than he could by begging all day. Just my two cents...

*Ha! Thought I'd say "locked in mortal combat with the Beast", didn't you? Actually, he's been quiet of late. Hmmm, maybe too quiet...

No, Michael, you didn't raise my ire. ;)

As I've stated on my blog (and I quote myself): "I'm not a supporter of panhandling. I think it demeans those who do it and reinforces negative stereotypes about the homeless."
Quando um coração que está cansado de sofrer

Encontra um coração também cansado de sofrer

É tempo de se pensar, Que o amor pode de repentechegar

Quando existe alguém que tem saudade de outro alguém

E esse outro alguém não entender

Deixe esse novo amor chegar, Mesmo que depois sejaimprescindível chorar

Que tolo fui eu que em vão tentei raciocinar

Nas coisas do amor que ninguém pode explicar

-"Caminhos Cruzado", Antonio Carlos Jobim...you ll need this song when times are better
enjoyed your blog
The guy in the other blog calls them bums :( Regardless I need to check out his blog and get some tips from that 22 year old.
It seems to me that you are being a bit hypocritical here. Just because someone looks young and healthy doesn`t necisarily mean they can get a job in five minutes. They might have mental illness...they may be freshly homeless and trying to figure things out. If u dont want to be judged try not not to judge them. You may have walked a mile in in similar shoes but you havent walked in their shoes. Best of luck.
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