Fetch Me Out That Doodle-Do!

Our host church this week has been Fellowship Presbyterian. Fellowship is much more low-key than most of the other churches we've been guests of so far, with not a lot of comings and goings. This may, however, just be a slow week for them, since Easter is not for about two weeks.

Fellowship has two co-churches that share space with them but have different services and times. I don't know how that works out logistically. It must drive the schedulers crazy.

They also have a pet rooster that patrols the grounds, but I've yet to see him. Everyone else has seen "Earl", and I've heard him crowing in the woods each morning when we're loading into the van, but I've yet to actually lay eyes on him. If it weren't for the fact that I hear him crowing in the morning, I'd chalk his existence up to just a prank the others are playing. I haven't gotten around yet to asking why a city church has a chicken patrolling the grounds; There's probably an interesting story in there somewhere.

Update: I finally saw Earl the other day. He was standing regally under the front door canopy out of the rain. He's one of the biggest roosters I've ever seen. I'd been wondering before then if he ever had to worry about any of the area hawks, but seeing him now, I'd have to say I'd feel sorry for any hawk that was stupid enough to try it.

BTW, Happy Easter to you bro. Maybe you can eat mighty fine this Easter,take your mind off things for a bit.
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