A Kingdom Transferred

I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but never seemed to get around to it. Before I dash off to begin my daily whatnot, I want to mention the one member of our family that has managed to find a place to live.

Alexis was a domestic shorthair cat that had charmed her way into our hearts back in late 1995, when we went browsing in a new pet store. She resembled an oversized dust bunny when we bought her but it wasn't long before she'd filled out and taken her rightful place in Catdom.

I'd never been able to get a picture of her; she had this uncanny ability to know when a camera was trained on her and refuse to sit still for it. She somewhat resembled the cat on the Alpo cat food label. In fact, when Nessie was younger, she'd see the label in the store and insist that it was Alexis's picture on there. It took some doing to explain to her that no, it was another cat that just happened to look like Alexis.

Alexis turned out to be the cat with the longest tenure I'd ever owned. About three months old when we got her, she turned 9 in March of 2005. But she was still basically just a big kitten, always up for chasing a rolling ball or a wriggling string, or launching herself into impossibly high and largely inaccessible places. Her favorite spot was my knee, however, where she'd sit purring contentedly while I watched TV.

When wew got evicted, I had to scramble to find someplace for her to stay. I hurriedly put her up at a vet's office for a week until I could get plans in place. She hated traveling in her cat carrier, and probably wasn't too fond of the vet's office, either, since her shots had to be updated as a condition of her staying there, but we had no choice. The last we saw of her was when we said goodbye through the bars of the cat carrier. The lok on her face will haunt me the rest of my days.

This sad tale does have a happy ending, however. A week later, I called to try and make arrangements for the next week for Alexis' care and boarding and found out that the office manager for the vet had recently suffered the tragic death of her own cat. She'd seen Alexis and fell in love (apparently Alexis resembled her cat). She asked if she could adopt Alexis and I quickly agreed. One faxed copy of cat adoption papers later, and I'd finally done right by at least one member of my family.

We miss Alexis, of course, but at least we know she's in stable surroundings. I bet she doesn't mind one bit adding another household to her kingdom.

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