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Thanks to lucky for the Family Guy reference (didn't think I caught that, didja? I needed the laugh...) and the idea to start my own business to help get out of this mess. I've tried that before; trouble is, I admit I'm a lousy businessman and a worse salesman. Freelancing is sort of running your own business, but unless you can land a long-term contract (3+ months of steady work), the money/hours are very unstable. I like stable. Yeah, it's a little boring, but at least you know where and when the money's coming from and how much.

Still, I may get up the gumption to try it again at some point. There are classes at GTCC that show you how to get started, and navigate the gauntlet of Uncle Sam and The Governor.

As for why I'm waiting to write a book, I want to wait until all of this is over so I can name names if I have to without jeopardizing my present situation. Plus, time's at a premium these days.

Had lunch with two friends and former co-workers last Sunday. We had an excellent time, and the food was delicious. The conversation went wide, touching on a lot of topics; including, sadly, the fact that one of my friends had lost his job just a couple days prior. But here's the rub: he worked at a place that I'd longed to work for since it opened a couple years ago. But after hearing the things he told me about the place's dark underbelly, I don't ever want to set foot in there, let alone work for them*.

Hm, I guess networking does work. If for no other reason than to let you know where not to work.

*And he wasn't just sour graping. This guy is very dedicated and good at his job. He just got under a bad boss, is all. The upshot is, he'll bounce back in no time because there's a surfeit of jobs in his field around here.

I totally understand why you are waiting on the book, but as an author I can tell you memory goes so fast. Please keep notes! of everything and everyone you want to include in your book, because you may forget a lot of stuff you'd like to include.
I knew you'd get it. I remember reading that you were a Family Guy fan, so am I. Stewie is my favorite :)Ilove the references to things old school. You wouldn't get it unless you're at least 30 and remember the 70's and 80's
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