The Greene Street Continuum

Our host church this week is First Presbyterian, the second-largest (or maybe the largest) church in Greensboro. I previously posted that Mt. Zion is the largest, but after stalking the halls of this structure, I may have to reassess that view.

Being there is already an adventure. On our first night, our hosts warned us that it is very easy to get lost in First Presby, so we'd have to learn our way around quickly. I have a pretty good sense of direction, so I learned my way around ina short time. Mama, however, got lost the very next morning. When she didn't show up for breakfast, I started a search for her. Unfortunately, she hadn't yet turned on her cell phone, so the task wasn't helped by technology. After about 20 anxious minutes, I was forced to admit defeat and go back and get Mike and Nessie off to school. We found out that Mama had made her way out of the building altogether (by what route I don't yet know). Still for a few minutes, I was imagining all sorts of things; a few even involved rogue tears in the space-time continuum*.

Had a phone interview this morning with a local manufacturer that's looking for a junior designer. I don't think it went well because I generally don't do well on phone interviews, but also I think the interviewer was concerned that I was after a junior position with senior experience. Still, we'll see. As I said in my last post, I don't consider graphic design to be my priority job search goal anymore. So I ain't gonna sweat it.

I saw a young woman out near Wendover yesterday, surprisginly with a "Homeless. Hungry. Please Help" sign. What was surprising was her age (she couldn't possibly have made a serious dent in her thirties yet) and her apparent health. This was very distressing to me on several levels. There was, of course, her feeding of the perception of the homeless (which I've spoken of before, so I'll spare the Gentle Readers the reiteration), but also she was out begging when it would be all too easy, due to her age and health, to get a job somewhere. And in a more sinister vein, there are plenty of sexual assaulters, kidnappers and other assorted crazies around here that are all too well versed at making girls like her into statistics.

*I know, I know, I've been reading too much science fiction lately...

Many homeless panhandlers (actually MOST of those I know) have serious issues with addiction or medical or mental illness, which prevent them from maintaining employment. These folks often look healthy and employable to the casual observer. As I've stated before, I don't think panhandling is good for anybody. But I also think that we need more and better interventions for homeless folks with disabling issues that keep them from obtaining or sustaining employment.
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