The Sudden Glare of Daylight

Events are occurring fast now, so fast I haven't even tried to keep up this week. Sorry about that, but I finally have some concrete news to share:

We'll soon be no longer homeless.

We've been approved for public housing! (Yeah, I know, but it's still better than being totally homeless...) We'll probably be moving in as early as next week. Finally, a place of our own! Well, considering...

We got the call from the Greensboro Housing Authority last week. It came clear out of the blue, and on the day after I was told that out time in GIHN was almost up and that I had to start looking for alternatives. It seems surreal now, but I remember later that same day, one of the staffers told me that just when things seemed their darkest, that's when something comes through. I didn't believe it at the time, but she was right. The day after the call, Mama and I went down to file the paperwork and set up an appointment to look the apartment over. It's in kind of a remote section of town, meaning that the nearest bus stop is a half-mile away, but at least it's something to call our own until we can get fully back on our feet. We didn't need much discussion to decide to take the place. Besides, if we hadn't, we would have had to go back on the waiting list for housing.

No, best to strike while the iron's hot.

So that light I saw approaching wasn't an oncoming train for a change; it was actually the end of the tunnel. No more dodging the Shinkansen. At least not in this situation. No more giving up our privacy. No more pressure to takeajobanyjob. No more shuttling from church to church each week. No more having our schedules dictated by someone else's agenda.

Our. Own. Space.

I know, I know: big deal, people get places to live every day. But getting one after you've been rendered homeless and unable to establish a base is big. I guess I'm just not adequately describing the feeling right now. Put it like this: the Beast isn't feeling real well right now.

So what's next for us, now that we're almost out of this hellish situation?

Well, first off, you guys in the blogosphere won't be getting rid of me so easily. I plan to continue the blog; for awhile, anyway. It'll just be changing focus, is all. There's still a lot to tell about the Triad, some bad, some good, and not all of it's being told from the viewpoint of the poor. And there are still others struggling through homelessness down here in the mud while others are up on Mount Olympus making decisions for them. If nothing else, I've got a big mouth, so I'll still be around to give everybody the View From the Sidewalk.

I still have to get a better job, of course, but living in subsidized housing affords me time. Without the pressure to takeajobanyjob, I have time to go back to Guilford JobLink and sign up for job training. Or maybe go for full-blown educatioon at Guilford Tech or go back to UNCG and finish the degree I started in the '80s. With all of that, I can get a better job, then maybe -- just maybe -- parley the higher income into my own house. One I can't get kicked out of. One where I can stand on my front porch and moon all the landlords in the city for keeping me firmly wedged under their gold-grubbing thumbs while denying them the income they so slaveringly crave.

Sorry, regressed to childhood for a moment. Get a grip. Pull it in. Continue.

Mike and Nessie will be able to concentrate on school now without any other considerations (although I think Nessie enjoyed making new friends while in the network). And Mama can stretch her yoga mat out wherever she wants and go at it while waiting for her herbal tea to steep. I'll be able to go to work not worrying about what tactic the Beast will use to jump my mind. This removes one of his worst weapons. He's got plenty others, of course, but they're a lot less effective due to familiarity.

I'm going to take a few days off to get everything ready, but trust me -- as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in The Terminator, "I'll be back!"

But for right now, we did it. We won. And we've got a lot to do.

We're going home.

Well, darn. Good for all of you!

When you get set up, LMK and I'll see about getting (and delivering to) your family a used-but-still-good computer (I should have one shortly). I know that doesn't get you high-speed Internet, but maybe it'll help. I'll see how many I can get my hands on. Contact me offline at southernrants@gmail.com when you're settled.
Congrats! Having a home base is a huge step up!

I also sent you an email to the address in your profile in regard to an idea I have. So keep your eye out for it.

Once again, I wish you well in your new home!

Chuck Crawford
Congratulations.... We're all cheering for you!
Followup on earlier: I put out a call and I have 2 decent machines with Win 2K on them; used to be business machines. Let me know if you can use them.
Congratulations! 'Tis some excellent news.
There's no place like home. I'm glad for you and your family. Now y'all can be more than just alive. Keep going.

God Bless you and your family and the best of luck to you all.

Great for you!

Sue's place gave me an idea. If you need some knick nacks, appliances etc to furnish your new place check out this site www.freecycle.org

They have chapters all over the world. I'm sure they have one in your area. You can pick up great things for free! I got a free bike from it a few months ago and I know someone who recently got a free car! I love that site!

That reminds me I need to check it now my TV is going up and I want to see if anyone has a decent one to give away.

Again, I'm so happy for your family!
That's the best news I've heard in a long time!


All your efforts have now born some fruit. And no doubt, you'll be picking other fruits of your labors soon enough.

Way to go Mike! I'm so happy for you.
Congratulations. And good luck.
Awesome news!
Congrats to you, Mama, Nessie and Mike! I can't imagine how good that must fee!.
I guess your on your way, and uh... you found a nice place to stay but uh, hope you wont go away, cause uh, I kept on thinkin'. Sail on down the line and uh, funny how time does fly when uh, (I cant remember this line) but uh, (maybe it was a cup of wine) that uh, I kept on drinkin'. Sail on, honey, a good time never felt so good!

Sail On-The Commodores
I've been reading your blog from the beginning and it's awesome to hear the news!

Wishing you all the best,
I just discovered your blog and I'm already excited for you! I'm going to start praying for you guys.

Enjoy your new home!
yay! I've been hoping for a good outcome for all of you. Love your blog. Please keep us posted.
That is such great news! I am so happy for you and your family!!
I lived in Greensboro for years and it is a good place. Been gone about five now.
Glad to see you got some prgress going.
I was very close to homeless but had no family so not nearly the pressure.
This is good news. keep the updates coming. That's a good town overall.
I'm so happy for you guys, really. When I read your post, I was like: "Woohhaaa, they did it!"
From now on, it can be only better. "The worse" has ended, I guess. :)
Best :)
This is a great blog keep up the good work.

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Best of Luck !

Best of luck to you and your family. God never brings us to a place and forgets us. You are on your way UP now.
Thanks for the update.
Your Greensboro Pal,
Where have you gone, Mr. Cyber-mancer? A blogging nation turns it's caring eyes to you.. you-oo-ooo! What's that you say, Mr. Nay-sayer, Joltin' Mancer has left and gone away... hey hey hey... hey hey hey...

Yeah, I can be a prick sometimes! :) But seriously, we would all like to know how you're doing! Give us some updates regarding your new home!
Well, Mike isn't posting here, but check out the new article at the Greensboro News & Record Sunday May 21st edition. Unfortunately I can't find it on their website because it is THE WORST WEBSITE EVER!!!
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