Another One Rides the Bus

After that last business, how about something positive to report, hm?

Well, it's not much, but I did do something that would benefit someone else. After almost being run down (again) trying to get to the bus last week, I decided enough was enough. I checked out GTA's website and found out that requesting a new bus stop was just a matter of writing the Planning Section saying why a new stop was needed and where. My reasoning was simply that people walking from our community or the neighboring one* were forced to cross a major thoroughfare in order to get to the bus stop, which can be dangerous when they're intent on making the bus and consequently misjudging traffic flow. I asked that a stop be included on the same side of the street as the communities, in between two existing stops, which are currently at least a mile apart.

According to the website, it'll take thirty days to review and review/deny a new stop. I just hope someone (especially one of us) doesn't become a traffic statistic before then.

*A privately-run apartment community abuts ours, and shares part of the same access road. People living in the eastern half of that community have a bus stop they can get to, but people from the western half have to make the same mad dash that we have to through the traffic.

First time I read this, I thought GTA = Grand Theft Auto... I was wondering what a game could do for bus routes...
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