It's SNAFU Time

I've lived long enough and grown up enough to admit when I'm wrong. To wit:

In my last post, I railed about the apparent shabby treatment a homeless man in Winston received while a film crew was shooting in another part of the building. I've since found out that what was reported in the paper was only half (maybe less) of the story (see sara's comments from the last post to find out the details.) I've stuck my foot in my mouth up to my kneecap, and I apologize to the film crew and the others on the scene at the time.

Sara nailed me good. I committed the very sin of which I jump on others for: passing judgement. Seems even after all the crap I went through I still have a lot to learn. Hard lessons, too.

If I have a defense here at all, it is that too many times this sort of thing happens to homeless/poor people where the entire story is known, but no one speaks up, rationally or otherwise. I've been witness to some of those times, and to this day, I kick myself for not saying anything when something needed to be said. I guess the lesson I've learned here is to dig a little more into such things and think a little more before speaking, neh?

And thanks to all you guys for keeping me honest.

Thank you Mike for the update. I do understand your plight and know that there are lots of folks out there who would have truly acted as you had thought the film crew had. Is a sorry group of people in the world these days... but I certainly wouldn't be friends with any sorry people. :)
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