Roughing It

Got an email from lisa6489 with an excellent suggestion. I promised to pass it along. In her own words:

"I had an idea to pass along to you. I realize it's not an
idea that would work in every situation, but it's an idea just the same. The
best one I ever came up with to help myself out of a bad spot. When I found
myself homeless, I sold everything I had. Every stick of furniture. Every
appliance. Everything I could live without. I only came up with $600, but it was
enough for me to buy a camper. All of the furniture and appliances were built
in, so I didn't have to worry about the things I sold. I gave the man I bought
it from an extra $25 to deliver it to a campground for me and help me set it up.
Campgrounds don't do credit checks and they don't normally ask for any kind
of deposit. The water, electric, and trash pick-up is usually all included in
your rent which can run anywhere up to the $350 range. Still very cheap for a
month of bills. If you don't have enough to rent your space for a month, you can
always pay for a day or a week or whatever you can afford to buy you some time
to earn more money. For me, this was a life saver. Even after I was working and
had enough money to move into a house, I still stayed in the camper for many
more months so that I could get the benefit of the very low monthly bills and
being able to put more money in the bank. I will never be without a camper
again. I feel very secure knowing I have it and that I will never be homeless
again. Even if I had to put it in a friend's yard for awhile, I would have a
place to live.

For anyone who doesn't really know about campers,
they have built in beds, dressers, and a sofa at the very least. They don't all
have an air conditioner. They have a propane heater and stove, a refrigerator
that can run on propane and/or electric, a hot water heater, a fully functional
bathroom with at least a shower and most of them have clever hidden beds. The
kitchen table usually drops down to convert into a bed, the sofa pulls out, and
sometimes what looks like an overhead cabinet actually folds down into a
bunk. You can fit a smal

I dont know how useful that is for most of us?
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