Well, I actually survived a big double whammy: the store held a night owl/early bird sale (one of our most popular ones) on the same weekend as North Carolina's Tax-Free Weekend.

It was a helluva week. 32 hours, and I took on what amounted to an extra shift. And I found out the hard way how many people are in the Triad because I swear most of them were in that store at one point or another.

However, to anyone reading this and looking for work: if you're the type that hates to leave work undone (like me), don't go into retail. the work is never finished, and you'll simply end up tearing your hair out in frustration.

What do you and most earn per hour in retail?
I started out at $7.00/hour; I haven't moved very far from that. I've heard that Target starts out more, and Costco starts out at $11-13/hour. Of course, the competition for jobs at Costco is fierce. Generally, however, the rate of pay for retail lags way behind other industries.
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