The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Summer began on June 21, but SUMMER began this week. I'm not talking barbeques, lounging out by the pool and catching fireflies in the evening. I'm talking heat, heat and more heat. Days so hot fire hydrants chase dogs. So hot if you spit, it evaporates before hitting the sidewalk. So hot you drink a bucket of hot coals to cool off.

I'm talking crazy heat.

And guess who's had to be out in it?

I've had a full work schedule this week: over 30 hours. And even though I've been going in in the early morning, it's still about 80 degrees* on the way to the bus stop. Monday and Wednesday were okay; I timed it so that I basically got to the stop the same time the bus did, to minimize my exposure. But Tuesday, I was treated to the sight of the bus peeling away from the stop down the road as I got to the intersection.

Okay, in order to get to work on time, there's nothing for it but to walk. Slowing to a stroll to keep from sweating and soaking my work shirt, I started on the last 2 miles to the store.

Now understand, I overheat very easily. And sweat in prodigious amounts. And I can't stop until I've been sitting under an airflow for awhile. So suffice it to say that before I'd even gotten halfway to work, I looked like I'd just been pulled out of a lake. Found out later that in the hour it took me to get there, the temperature had gone from 80 degrees to 500 degrees.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. But it sure felt like that.

And you know somewhere in this city, some guys had to have been pouring tar and rueing it.

The silver lining here was that I got to work a bit early, so I tried frantically to cool off and stop sweating enough to not drive any customers out the door. No one fled from me during the day, so I guess I was somewhat successful.

According to the Weather Channel's site, it's only been in the mid-90's each day. Sure hasn't felt like it.

I ain't complaining, though. This time last year, we were sweltering in our old place and praying either for rain or air conditioning, whichever came first. At least our apartment has central air. Please, God, don't let that A/C unit fail.

Can't help but think about Tim and the other homeless souls out there in this heat. I'm sure most of them have enough awareness to find a way to get out of the heat, and I see that some rain is on the way, but I hope the authorities are watching something other than their own navels and are prepared to help, just in case.

*About 27 degrees C, for our international friends. Sounds a lot colder than it actually is, neh?

Mike I didnt read your message yet, but I wanted to share with you something.........I AM BURNING UP!!!!!!! They dont make a deodorant strong enough for the pain I m in...HA!!!!!
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