Alright, I ran out of ideas for catchy post titles. Don't have a cow...

• Avolokitesvara submitted an excellent essay in the Comments section of "An Earnest Young Man". I happen to agree with most of it, but even if you don't, check it out. It's a good read, and there might be food for thought in there.

• Over the past few days, the News & Record has published some articles dealing with the homeless here in the Triad. I have to give them their props; they're all over this homeless thing (including giving Your Author his 15 minutes...) I haven't been able to link to them , but check them out. One ran yesterday, 8/20; the other ran last week and includes the latest homeless count for summer (742 here in Guilford County; a low number, but people move around more in warm weather, neh? So they're harder to count).

• I want to take a moment and mention the friends I made long before we were homeless and/or poor. they're the most excellent bunch. You've all had the privilege of meeting Jay -- who years ago put up with my attempts to kill his role-playing characters every week (hee, hee!) -- but there are many others I can't name due to lack of time and permission. They say that no man is an island, and my longtime bunch made sure that I was always fimrly a peninsula. Thanks, guys! (And I haven't forgotten those loans; I promise.)

Wow, you mentioned me by name, no longer am I crest-fallen and heart-struck. Now? I am on gossimer wings. HA! when was the last time you heard someone say gossimer wings? What the hell are gossimer wings? Really? I ve never seen a gossimer, have you? Is that like a unicorn or a pegasus type of creature? Maybe a griffin? Ooh, maybe a giraffe with wings, thats a sight to see, right?
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