Situation Normal

Over the past few months, we’ve been slowly putting our lives back together, and with that has come my grappling of the concept of the benchmark for “normal” is. In other words, when could we consider things as having gotten back to normal?

I’ve discovered, to some dismay, that the line between normal and abnormal keeps shifting in response to our circumstances. I suppose in a way, that’s a Good Thing because it keeps me from being too strict, but I’m a creature of boundaries. I like to know what is and what is not.

When we were homeless, what I deemed would be “normal” was when we got our own living space and a TV to watch. When we got those things, “normal” became when I would get the car back and we’d be able to conduct business, look for work and shop like everybody else. Now that I have my Trusty Steed back, “normal” has shifted again, to securing a better job and maybe having the cable turned back on*. No doubt once I get those things, “normal” will redefine itself yet again.

Maybe it’s just a manifestation of my own greed. I hope not. If losing my home has taught me anything it’s to be thankful for what you have; it could all go away in an instant.

Still, I’d like to hit some semblance of normal, so I can finally know when to say “Okay, that’s enough; I’m done chasing. I just want to maintain what we have.”

Maybe I should just consider the Big Three -- home, car and job -- the benchmark and consider everything else gravy. But then there are school supplies, emergency savings, replacement costs, repair costs, and the like. And we’ll need an Internet connection at some point to more efficiently carry job searches and research. And Mike’s preparing for college, meaning he’ll need financial aid and a laptop. Ness is growing at a prodigious rate, so clothing is a factor. And I’d like to start setting aside money to buy my own house one day. And so forth and so on…

And I admit to a little gadget envy; I’d like to lay my hands on an MP3 player. Maybe LCD monitors for the computers.

And all of the above takes foldin’ money.

Well, at least there is a line, now. I guess I’ll just watch it shift awhile longer and trust that I’ll know that I’ve crossed over into Normal when I see Abnormal back over my shoulder. Whenever that is.

*That needs to happen before Battlestar Galactica airs its season premiere, or I’m gonna be real upset…

Play it cool man, remember you dont want to be enslave by the beast of wanton consumption. Anyway man I m still on gossimer wings. But you gotta get back on point whenever you get internet access and cable TV(the former to focus yourself and the latter to unfocus yourself) so you can diverge into other political, philosophical things. You know, get a debate going on express ourselves and become better people(right?).
OK, I havent much more to say, but I ve got to run to the dry cleaners now, I think my gossimer wings are ready(starched and arched). If I can figure out how to post a picture I ll place one looking ever so righteous in my Prime TIme Player out fit with custom pressed gossimer wings.
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