To See Time Fly

Holy Moley! Has it really been a week and a half already?!

At least this time I know where the time's gone. Since I got my Trusty Steed back, I've been running around getting all the things done that would've been impossible to get done on the bus. yes, gas prices are through the roof (actually, over the past few days they've dropped considerably -- I hope it's not the calm before the storm) but it's such a rapturous feeling knowing that the distance between points A and B is only a matter of a press of the gas pedal.

Still, I do feel guilty sometimes. I'm only contributing to the traffic and pollution around here; and the Steed uses the type of fuel that makes al-Qaeda's accountants rub their bloodstained hands together with glee. Wish I could put an electric or multifuel engine into it, but that's a notion that'll have to live on Fantasy Island awhile longer.

mike, what kind of car is this? Most cars dont need premium gas. remember the higher levels of fuel are only needed if your automobile has a higher compression ratio. So with that in mind you can buy cheaper fuel if your car doesnt really require it.
It's a venerable old '94 Chevy Corsica. It seems to do OK on mid-grade; I tried some regular (octane 87) and it fussed at me. 'Course, some stations charge the same prie for their mid-grades and their premiums, so I treat it every so often.
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