Quickies Redux

Just a few quick hits...

Finally moved all our stuff out of the storage unit* and am in the process of getting everything either put away or thrown away. In the meanwhile, the apartment looks like Hurricane Katrina and her little sister Bebe swept through. But at least Ness has all her toys back, and the moths left Mama's clothes alone.

Missed an important task force here in town the other day (due to the fun-and-games of the previous paragraph.) A homelessness task force met not too terribly far from the apartment the other night. I wish I'd known about it so I could report on it, but I'm sure Cara Michele has been all over it. There'll be another soon in High Point. I'm currently negotiating with the Trusty Steed to see if we can make that one.

Apparently, even Paradise has its dark side; just take a look.

*Had to do it quickly (seems we have to do that a lot lately...) I didn't have the money for another month, and the manager, after first telling me I had a week, suddenly turned around and told me a day into the move that I only had two days. Gee, think I could've used that information sooner?

ok, so anyway not wanting to droll on too much. just wanted to say that doctors without borders is holding a mock refugee camp in prospectpark in brooklyn and if any of you dude acan chck itout, i d recommend. I m going manana, because I find it emphatically fascinating. more info on www.doctorswithoutborders.org

thanks man...
It's been a while but I check back from time to time. I moved to Hawaii last year and I can tell you I have never seen as many homeless people in my life as I've seen here. I was totally shocked when I got here.

I was told this by at least two people here so I think it's true. I was told that other states actually give homeless people a one way ticket to Hawaii as a way of getting rid of the homeless in their area. I guess they figure with the nice weather here they won't freeze to death. Better here than there.

Rica Aka "Lucky"
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