Dumping Ground

Cara Michele posted today about a case of "dumping"; seems a homeless friend of hers tried to employ the ultimate end to his problem, spent some time in the hospital for his effort, and got dumped right back on the streets when the shelters were found to be full.

Sadly, this is kinda par for the course sometimes. Instead of getting the help they need, some homeless people get kicked by the system again and again until they feel they're in such a tight box the only way out is to End It All. I know the thought crossed my mind during my own bout with homelessness.

It doesn't have to be this way, but it is. I'm reminded of the recent story out of LA where ambulance drivers were caught dumping homeless patients on Skid Row. What is the rationale for dumping people right back into the very situation they're so desperately trying to escape? When did it become okay to throw people right back to the sharks of poverty and homelessness when it's clear they need help escaping?

Saddest of all, why am I not surprised something like this has occurred in Guilford County?

Hmm, I dont understand why you re surprised by this. Its par FOR the course. When you live in a place where people kill other people for THEIR resources and then claim that they must be terrorists or insurgents because they resist your propaganda, occupation and indoctrination its par FOR the course. When people make industries out of putting people in prison and giving them inferior education, its par FOR the course. When you live in a place that the most sophisticated medical care in the world but for the populace its par FOR the course. Oh yea, politicians kiss babies promising us a brand new day while giving us the same ones. Veterans wear their heart on their sleeve hoping that their death means something. Then come home lose their VA medical benefits because they are no longer active duty and their house because they were reservists and no one paid the mortgage for a year.
I m going to market with my own refreshment. Its called Blood. Dont got a great taste, dont look that well neither but its flying off the shelves none the less. MY key market is Jingo-ists and War mongerers.
Im sorry if I m upset,and sound bitter but hey the kid across the street died in Iraq. He was only 21.
When I lived in Jamaica I had semi-regular interactions with a few of the homeless that were in my area. There was a mental "health" clinic conducted every or every-other week, and the police would round up many of those homeless and bring them in to receive some cocktail of pharmaceuticals that seemed to totally fog their whole system over. They were then taken back out onto the street until the following week when it was time to repeat the process.

I belive that many of the injustices that occur on our streets, and on streets around the world in our name are directly each of our faults. I think that it is the easy way out to point the finger at the government or the corporations without examining what we do, say, or think. Look in the mirror. That person looking back at you has tremendous power. Practice what your preach, because everything that you do matters. One person has never changed the world by themselves. If you are disenchanted, find those that feel the same way and do something productive about it. Ok, I am starting to feel like a run-on bumper sticker. Later
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